About Us

BEQUEVE is an official swimsuit brand store, designed for fashion, sophisticated, elegant and modern women, beyond the brand is a lifestyle, we have different exclusive collections, to be used beyond the beach occasion, they are designed by the talented and renowned Fashion Designer Eugenia Sanchez -Bueno.

Eugenia Sanchez -Bueno, Institute of Design Brivil of Caracas, started Bequeve in 2001 creating trends with her first proposal, swimsuits with semiprecious stones and Swarovski crystals. Technique she later perfected with studies of Imprinting fabric and embroidery at the Isa Academy in Spain.

Her talent is reflected in each of the pieces that designs in the city of Caracas, and it is recognized in numerous national and international publications she has being featured in, as well as a distinguished clientele and being official designer for the Miss Venezuela pageant.

All our Collections are manufacturing  minousciously handmade in Colombia.

in the year 2015, BEQUEVE were invited to be the official bathing suit for the Miss Venezuela pageant, projecting the most beautiful women in the country and the world. BEQUEVE is the official swimsuit designer of the Miss Venezuela pageant.

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Bequeve is much more than a brand, it is a lifestyle suitable for sophisticated and modern women who enjoy glamuor, luxury and trends. Since our inception in 2001, we have set style, with a line of luxury swimsuits and cover ups minousciously handmade.

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